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One thing that I did before I stopped PT back in

Jersey was offer all my clients the chance to
stay on as a coaching client.

About half of them stayed on….

That half are still with Elly and I and are seeing
progress consistently…
However, some didn’t see the value in moving online,
and it broke my heart to say goodbye to some of these
people who I genuinely loved helping.
In fact one client that was with Elly demanded a refund
for a PT when we removed her from our online coaching
group after she said she didn’t see the value in it (we gave
her the refund, because we can’t help people with that
Then over recent months I’ve had a few come back
who unfortunately have slipped backwards-

And really it was avoidable had they valued the 24-7

support Elly and I provided more than the 30mins PT
session, as even when I was PTing them I used
everything we do online to help them get the results
they were seeing.

So if you’re thinking about why you’re struggling it’s

probably not as simple as just a PT session a few t
imes a week, the real issues lie much deeper and
support would help more.
Ryan ‘coaching people’ Hodgson

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