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So Far this month—

Ok so truth be told this month, our aim for work was to

‘stand still’ and just focus on helping our existing clients

over the festive period with our Best YOU formula so

that they start 2018 motivated…

We’ve been working on a few things for January to help

our existing clients then something else for ‘newbies’

too, but here’s what surprised me-

We had a few (9) people take action and join us,

despite  it being the toughest time of the year to 

see progress…

despite things being manic for them

despite them knowing most programmes will be discounted

in a few weeks (not ours)

despite the social occasions and you know what….

We have very little doubt that these 9 will be amongst our

success stories in 2018 because they have a philosophy

that tells us they’re going to get the results-

Less talking more doing,

Just ignored all the excuses for why they cant commit

and just jumped in, now the next 2 weeks is about getting the

foundations for them to get to see how we coach, and

familiarise themselves with the 4 principles that make

the best YOU formula so that-

When the calendar says 2018, they’re flying.

We can have 1 of these 2 things-




but not both, now i’m not saying now’s the perfect time for

people to join us, far from it in fact, however, what i am

saying is the type of person who goes for a health and

fitness programme in December will generate better

results because it’s clear they really want the results.

I also often find those that wait until January are looking for a

deal and don’t fully value what they’re doing.

Now in January we will run something for people interested

in our coaching but it won’t be a discounted service, because

we believe NOONE deserves to devalue their health and fitness.

So watch this space 😉

If you want to join the others that jumped on board this month,

hit the link  and try us for £1 for 2 weeks, and get the foundations

set before the new year kicks in..

Ryan ‘was surprised’ Hodgson

P.S. I probably won’t send this link again now before

Christmas, I’ll just be emailing you helpful ‘bits’ until


P.P.S. let me know what you struggle with about

christmas and i’ll answer it if i can

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