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his is what I don’t get-

(Please this is not a dig at anyone I’m just here to help people gain life changing results and see too many opting for the meal plan Tupperware option which for a number of reasons won’t work for them)

Coaches getting clients eating 6+ meals a day when they struggle to understand the basics of nutrition, never mind the busy lives that they lead.

Please peeps if you’re currently struggling to lower you body fat (and or to lose weight) and a ‘coach’ gives a meal plan that is anything more that 4 meals a day,

In fact if they give you a plan
That involves eating chicken and rice more than once a day

Ok screw it if they give you a meal plan to follow at all, then save yourself money and google-

Free Weight loss diet plan,

and then you’ll get thousands of free meal plans that all work for the same reason-

Calorie deficit.

So no the chicken and rice meals are not special for metabolising fat

No eating little and often won’t speed up the metabolism

No eating little and often won’t help nutrient absorption

Just think about it for a second,

Do these things even make common sense? Never mind scientific sense.

I used to be a Tupperware ‘coach’ even for the bag to prove it.

That was before I started to understand a few simple things that made me become a better coach-

1 not everyone enjoys chicken rice and broccoli

2 – no matter how much I try to convince myself and others that dark chocolate is a good snack- it taste rough and a snickers taste much better.

3- most people don’t want to eat out of Tupperware’s most meals

4- most people who struggle with their weight don’t have time to prep 5+ meals an day

5-most people want to enjoy meals with their family without having to eat something completely different.

6- giving someone a diet plan completely skips the (IMO most important part) education part

7- Meal plans and social occasions don’t go together

8- listening to the real nutrition struggles of those struggling tells me a meal plan simply masks the problem.

9- people who have hours a night need to find a more fulfilling life unless they’re at the elite levels or on the way there, spend more time with loved ones, watch tv, go to the gym, read- just seriously get more fulfilment in your life.

Take it or leave it meal plans aren’t a long term solution to help people no matter what the goal-

Education, understanding is key.

If you get a meal plan from a trainer or coach ask them for the numbers (calories protein carbs and fats)and how they came to them and if they can’t answer it….

Get a coach not a product as there is a difference.

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