Do you value free?

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Serious question today (straight to the

The reason I ask is because we ran FREE 7 day
challenge last week and we had over 70 people
join the group, however less than 10% actually took

Now that’s a real shame because we were there
daily answering questions giving our advice and
showing people how we coach for FREE, now a
few decided after a few days to join us for the
£1 trial so they got access to our client only group
and our personal training app….

oh and our membership site too, however the rest,

DID NOTHING, and I kind of get it, because i have
lost count of how many free things i’ve accepted and
not done anything with it.

but thats the key here is when you invest in something
you’re more likely stick at it and follow it.

And for just under £1 a day, you can gain full access
to our group coaching programme that will increase
your accountability,

Now we know its not everyone’s ‘cup of ‘tea’ which is
why we offer the £1 trial, if you try and and enjoy it,
its £27 a month after that…

but if you don’t, just let us know and we make sure you’re
not billed again, pretty simple right?

So click the link and join us today for £1 for 14days 😀

Ryan ‘join us’ Hodgson

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