our washing machine on the blink

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Its crazy the things you take for granted every day….
A Washing machine being one for me.
Ours decided to sort of break last week, basically washes things but doesnt drain or or whatever so everything is soaked.
Anyways 3 days waiting for an engineer because its still under warranty meant we had a manic weekend chest deep in washing haha-
Crazy how a few days no washing machine with us training as much as we do and a hyper 3 year old changing her clothes every 5 minutes soon racks up.
Anyways i wanted to share with you something i practice each day to make reduce how much i take things for granted and also to lift my moods.
Its daily gratitude, every day ill write 3 things in my journal that i am genuinely grateful for.
But not just that i spend 3-5 minutes in a genuine state of gratitude.
(that feeling is amazing)
Then when im having an off day where the dark clouds are over me and i cant feel grateful i look back over the last week to two and see how much i really have to be grateful for.
Give it a go, in face we do this every week in our free facebook group too if you want to jump in…
have a good day
Ryan ‘washing to catch up on’ Hodgson
P.S. Nothing to see but thanks for checking.

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