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One thing I’ve found since starting out in the fitness

industry 8 or so years ago is how much we can complicate

the whole weight loss thing…

Finding various names to confuse people that ultimately

want a result, not a complex system that confuses you


See every single weight loss programme or plan works for the

EXACT same reason-

calorie deficit

and it’s really as simple as that, now there are some

methods that will work quicker than others, but its

all for the same reason…

Calorie deficit.

So what Elly and i try to do with our clients is simplify

things a much as possible so it gives them the knowledge

and understanding that they can enjoy many things

in their life without the feelings of-


that many suffer when they slip off a strict regime, we give

flexibility to our clients so if you…

Dont like veg? Dont eat it

Dont like gyms? Don’t go to one

Don’t like shakes? Don’t have them

Don’t like eating 5 meals a day? Don’t then

its about you understanding you are unique in terms of your

lifestyle mindset, knowledge, time, hormones goals and much more

So that’s why we suggest adapting your current life

slightly for longer term results, it may not be ‘attractive’ or

boast losing 2 stone in a week, but it will give you healthier

relationships with yourself, food, exercise, lifestyle and much more.

Ryan ‘keeping it simple’ Hodgson

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