what’s the worst that could happen

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^^Answer it before every decision or bit of action you take.
because i see so many people procrastinating when it comes to their health and fitness.
They put things off, all the time they’re getting fatter, lower in energy, lower in confidence and thats a shame.
You see the questions like…
What if im not good enough?

What if im too fat?
What if i’m past help?
What if…..
and truth be told you will NEVER know the answer till you try something, and 99% of the time if you try something relating to your health and fitness, the worst thing that could happen is…
you dont like the coach/instructor/trainer (whatever method) and you don’t get results…
thats really it!
But right now by not making a decision, you’re not getting results anyway, and you don’t know if you like them.
And truth be told when someone doesn’t like someone more often than not its a mutual feeling and its best
parting ways….
Like we have people who decide they don’t like us or our methods and it usually turns out we were thinking the same thing too, so its really just a learning curve on both sides.
but the worst that could happen really isn’t that bad after all.
So if you’re someone sitting there thinking about doing something with your self about how you feel, your weight, your mindset and much more you can apply for our programme, and i’ll tell you now the worst thing that could happen is-
1 you aren’t suited to the programme (in which case I will most likely be able to refer you to someone better suited than Elly and I)
2 you cant afford the programme, (in which case we do have a range of programmes that may suit a lower budget and then again if we cant help we refer you to someone who may be able to help)
so really theres nothing to lose on 3-5 minutes of completing our application form

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