When does it all stop?

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The question you need to ask yourself if you’re constantly giving ground or constantly running around doing things for other people without getting anything back in return.

Now for somebody who’s been trying to help others, because I do do it myself.

In fact, I allocate at least an hour every day to try and help people for free, whether it be replying to emails or be replying to messages, whatever it be.

And I love doing it.


But do you have relationships in your life that are all one way and you’re constantly doing things for other people with very little in return, that needs to change, because you’re the only one who’s going to suffer.

So the reason why I say this to you today is because I often speak to people that are struggling with their health, they’re struggling with their weight, they’re struggling with their level of confidence, and ultimately the relationship

with themselves.

And a lot of it all comes down to them having to run around after everyone else and putting everyone else first, leaving them to be an afterthought.

When it should literally never be that way.

That’s not fair on them and it’s really not fair on anyone.

Long story short, half of the time these people haven’t told those around them that they feel like they’re neglecting themselves or that they feel that low in confidence that they don’t even like the skin that they’re in, and they don’t really communicate that very well.

So if you’re reading this and you’re one of these people who’s constantly running around after everyone else and you’re a last resort.

Tell those closest to you.

Tell them straight away how you’re feeling and tell them that you need some extra support to help you love you.

That’s so important

Because ultimately, if they’re not willing to support you they don’t love you and they don’t deserve you running around after them and forgetting yourself anyway.

Ryan ‘please follow up on this’ Hodgson

P.S. Would you like to hop on a call with me to help delve into your struggles and see if i can help you?


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