You’re So Lucky…

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👆🏾👆🏾pet hate of mine being told I’m lucky….

Being told a client is lucky…
Basically hearing anyone call another person lucky,

Being honest with you, I don’t believe in luck we

create our own luck in all areas of our life

If you’re ‘down on your luck’ look around and see

if it’s perhaps something you are or aren’t doing.

Perhaps it’s the people you’re surrounding yourself with?

We really do create our own luck, because those people

many see as ‘lucky’ they’ve worked for their results.


We’re not lucky, we’ve worked relentlessly over the

last 2 years to build Hodgson Health to the community

it is that keeps growing.

Our clients aren’t lucky, they work hard for their results,

they stay committed and embrace the programme

and are rewarded with the results.

So please next time you think about calling someone

lucky please, try do not discredit their hard work like this.


If you want to start creating luck- them Hit Reply and i’ll

see if I can help you.

Ryan ‘spreading luck’ Hodgson

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