You’ve More Control Than You Think

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Did you read that subject line.

Seriously we can try and blame as many external factors

as we like however we control how we react to things…

Putting on weight? I can feel I am whilst I’m away,

and I know I have a choice…

I can chose to increase my activity, reduces intake

or be comfortable with it.

I’ll chose to be comfortable with it until I get home,

then here’s what I’ll do-

Avoid the scales.

Do a big food shop straight away

Get back to eating right

Increase my activity

After a week of being back I’ll weigh measure and photo

myself, then carry on for a month,

After one month I’ll do the same thing again again and

see what’s happened-

No progress or not enough- I tweak things…

Happy with the progress- carry on as I am.

Here’s the key points-

1- recognising I’m in control.

2- knowing things won’t change overnight

3- basing changes on real progress.

We do this for all our clients who check in with us.

Join us today for just 90p a day and change your life.

Get a friend to join with you month 2 is free;)

Ryan ‘In control’ Hodgson

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