2 percent of your week

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Well actually often a lot less-
We work hard for it, and we expect that
to carry us through to deliver results-

It’s the training, we train hard for maybe

2-3 even 4 or 5 hours a week and expect

And when they don’t come, we can blame the

training, say we’re not doing enough, trust me
I’m doing it myself at the moment-

Blaming the training when, I prolly should just be

brutally honest with myself-

I’m telling lies, I know deep down its the other 98%

of my week that’s making the results not right.

The picking at food (usually Aoife-Maes) I’m not a

dog I don’t need to pick at leftovers.

The slack portion sizes- my body won’t utilise it all…

Yet I’m questioning if im doing enough-

And it’s prolly the same for you?
You don’t see results and question the training?
Am I right?

Truth be told, unless you love training, I’d go as far as

saying 4 good short (30mins) sessions is enough

You’re sticking to the plan, remembering your goals,

Out of these sessions, that’s why the coaching program
I launched his week (just 2 spaces left on this) doesn’t
even focus on exercise.
you cant expect to work at something 2% of the time and
expect 100% of the results.

In fact it’s just about the food and lifestyle side of things.

And it’s specific to you.
Have a look at it-

But don’t just blame the training because it seems easy

to do so, look at the bigger picture.

Ryan ‘100%’ hodgson

P.S. The harder you work, the more committed to it as a
lifestyle, the better the results will be-
That’s a fact my friend xx


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