3 steps to achieve your goals

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so i am hearing from quite a few of you about goals but something seems to be holding you back from really….
  • losing weight
  • toning up
  • getting fitter
  • dropping dress sizes.
And its a shame because to me….
And i think we as a society seem to have adopted this mentality of over complicating things beyond belief, whereas keeping things simple is much more likely to work.
Anyways here are 3 steps to achieve your goal-
1- Set a goal that’s important to you and TELL EVERYONE. Hold on to the why, why is that goal important to you. But telling people will increase your accountability to it.
2- create a plan that takes you up to your goal in a realistic manner. (getting help with this can make it more accurate, safer and realistic).
3- Make your goal a priority and do all the necessary steps to make sure you achieve your goal.
Ryan ‘easy as 1,2,3’ Hodgson
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