Run for the hills

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Happy Monday, well I hope it is..

See one thing about Mondays I get is

everyone says next Monday i’ll start,

in a way to procrastinate and perhaps

put things off, like there’s always a

reason to delay working toward your


now I get it, we often want to start things

fresh with a new week new start, however

if you’ve been saying that for a while now..

My answer is ‘run for the hills’ as Elly and

I won’t be for you. In fact every few weeks

we get messages from people about how

when x,y,z changes they’ll start with us…

and my message is simple, if you’re going to

keep putting things off you cannot expect things

to change.

So take massive action today and move that bit closer

to your goals, today is the monday you could look

back and say-

I’m glad i didn’t keep putting it off.

Ryan ‘take action’ Hodgson

P.S. Heres the link for that £1 trial..

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