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Good Moaning,

So, I got this great e-mail from Carol the other day, who’s been on our mailing list for some time.

She’s followed what Elly and I do when it comes to food.

One question she had was, how do we stick to our balanced diet even when we’re eating out.

I’ve got to confess, Elly and I do enjoy eating out because we think it’s important that we socialise and we don’t miss out on trying new foods and getting out of the house.

We are big on this with out clients about enjoying themselves.


whats the point in being healthy but bored?

Because, otherwise, we can end up being a bit even more boring and feel like we need to avoid social situations.

So it can be done.

We call it the reverse method.

What we do, it might sound a little bit crazy but look at the menu before we go out and we’ll look at what we’re going to have.

We choose it and we put it in on myfitnesspal in advance.

So we already know what proteins, carbs and fats and calories are going to be in our dinner. Then we work the rest of our day around it.

So if we’re going to have a high carb, high fat meal for dinner, we’ll probably have to have a really low carb, low fat day but get the protein up before we go there.

That’s the way that you can do it to.

Yes it might be a little bit more difficult if you’re eating out and you are going to be on high fat foods, however, it’s a good way for you to gauge it and make sure that eating out doesn’t completely ruin your progress.

Make sure that it doesn’t completely throw you off track because it’s so easily done.

Half of the time, it’s just being aware.

Once you’re aware of what’s in your meal, you’ll probably make more conscious choices. Like for me I’ll easily swap things out once I recognise the mount of fats in it, and it puts me off because I ask myself, is it really worth that amount of fat and meaning that I’ve got to be strict for the rest of the day.

If the answer is no, I won’t have it, I’ll change and choose something else.

Give it a go

Ryan ‘the reverse method’ Hodgson.

PS. If you like this sort of method and think it could work for you, this is exactly what we pull out on the Hodgson Fitness Academy.

You can join that by going to hodgsonacademy.com.

P.P.S. We NEVER increase client prices, even if our price for this may go up soon too.

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