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I got this question from Jenna yesterday, who is on our mailing list. She wanted to know a little bit more about our Alpha program,


She said

‘Ryan, I’m interested in your alpha program, it sounds like it’s reasonably priced and I really just need something to help me lose the weight, and be held accountable.

I’d just like a little bit more information as to what your program actually is?’

Pretty good question, right?

So i thought id answer that in today’s e-mail.

just in case you wanted to know too 😉

Our Alpha program we designed to help suit people with all budgets. At just under £2 day, we feel that this is worth much more.

In essence, what you get with this program is two coaches who care. Two coaches are going to hold you accountable towards your goals and help you not only lose weight, tone up and feel better about yourself, but doing it in a sustainable way to fits around your lifestyle.

But, you’re probably thinking, what exactly do I get with the program?

On the program you get nutritional guidance and support. We’ll help you work out exactly how many calories you should be eating your macro nutrient breakdown (dont worry we explain it all) and guide you towards having that split so that’s it’s optimal for you to lose weight, tone up and feel better about yourself.

Private membership site- That’s right, we have a private membership site filled with booster programs, recipe books, motivational videos, mind set tutorials, webinars, and much more.

We have this online for members online to help them with anything they need help with fitness related. In fact, we often add to this based on what people ask us for.

Access to our secret Facebook community. This is growing and we find that this one of the biggest things that the women on our program value. They’re surrounded by like-minded women, all on the same journey, so when they have a question or they feel frustrated or they’re in doubt, they might look at the group and find that they gained so much motivation and benefit from it.

Weekly workouts: We provide weekly workouts to suit by home based and gym based clients. We understand you’re not able and can access a gym, or is comfortable accessing a gym.

That’s why we provide home based workout, which is just 10 to 12 minutes long and require minimal equipment.

That’s right, you can just do workouts 10 to 12 minutes and still see great results.

So, our Alpha program really is great value.

You get anything you need, and we coach your mind set, lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise, and with these four areas all looked after there is no reason why you won’t lose weight and keep it off.

So if you’re interested in joining for just 57 pound a month, all you have to do is go to hodgsonfitness.com/alpha.

We have just eight spaces left.

Ryan, what’s in the alpha program Hodgson.

P. S Click the link now and join up. We only ask you to join for a minimum of three months and if we can guarantee your results.

If you join us for three months, follow the program, stick to everything that we provide you and don’t see results, we’ll give you your money back.

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