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so i got a great question Mary the other day
and thought id share my answer with you..

How many days a week should I train?

This is very good question that I often get asked

from people looking to lose weight…

My answer is pretty much always the same.

What’s the minimum amount of training days you

can commit to longer term?

Because you should always look longer term if you’re

goal is something that’s longer term.

So for Elly and I, we do train seven days a week

because we fit it into our lifestyle and it is something

that we LOVE doing.

However, if you’re mad busy, currently struggling to

get any training time in at all.

We say start with one or two days a week, see how

that goes, and as is becomes more of a lifestyle,

then you can build up.

However, start from going from nothing, and then

go to seven days a week, you’re probably setting

yourself up for frustration when you can’t continue

it or maintain it.

The frustration from other areas of your lifestyle to

pull to the side.

So really, have a strong focus on long-term.

How many days a week can you commit to long-term?

Because remember, if you’re currently doing none, and

you decide to do one or two days a week, you’re already

doing better than you are right now.

Ryan ‘how many times?’ Hodgson

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