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Yesterday, we got a great question from Pam relating to Elly’s Intensive Program.

It was…

what exactly do you get in this program?

In this program, you’re going to get RESULTS….

thats pretty much all that you should need, however if you want more details here goes…

A personalised app with workouts seven days a week.

You will be working out seven days a week because the program will be balanced in order to fit around your lifestyle.

Sessions will be adapted based on you, your fitness level, your age, your comfortability using the gym or home, base workouts, but ultimately, it’s going to follow the type of training that Elly does and adapted based on you.

You’re going to get nutrition coaching. This will be done via MyFitnessPal where we ask you to track your food.

We’ll work out your metabolic rate, how many calories you should be eating based on your goals, and adapt your macro nutrients (proteins, carbs, and fats) to suit that.

We will coach you on that so that you not only make adaptations, but you understand the WHY. Because we know that that’s the most important thing for sustainable results.

Again, this isn’t a quick fix.

Accountability. You are going to get a lot close accountability where Elly will be communicating with you and the other women on the program to make sure that you achieve your goals.

This program is going to be really intense, so don’t expect an easy ride on it.

Weekly coaching calls. This will be done on a Monday evening at 7:30pm. You’re going to have a group coaching call where we’ll talk about your wins and perhaps things you need to improve on the week to make sure that you’re held accountable.

There’s going to be no excuse on this.

We’re really going in deep to make sure that you get the best results possible.

Two coaches. Yes, Elly will be the forefront of the program because it’s her design and her idea (after 100s asking her for how she lost the baby weight to gain a 6 pack) and based on her current lifestyle and coaching.

However, I will also be helping her on it and giving the guidance and support to the five lucky women that we choose on this as well.

Secret Facebook group. We will add you to our current academy program group because we filled it, and those loads of value being added to that. We did have six applications so move fast if you want to be in with a chance to join this program.

All you have to do is hit reply before it’s too late.

Ryan ‘Elly’s Transformation’ Hodgson

PS: nothing to see here, just hit reply if you’re interested.

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