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Sammi asked us what supplements we thought should be taken when trying to lose weight.

Great question BTW.

This is a question probably from the email yesterday about proteinempire.com,

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Moving forward on to supplements, I really say a supplement is just that. It’s a supplement to a balanced diet. Our preference would always be to try and get all of our nutrients from food.

If you’re someone trying to lose weight, trying to get all of the nutrients within your diet, and still eat in a calorie deficit can become difficult.

Sometimes adding in a protein shake can be a good option, so we do say a whey protein is a good option.

A diet whey protein.


Even something like a CLA can be a really good option, too.

However, it’s all about you and what works well for you.

They’re the supplements that we say can work, but again, finding what works best for you is always the best option.

Please clink on the link, have a look, and there’s information on each product when you go onto their website anyway.


It’s really helpful.

If you have any questions, I’ll open inbox to you and I’ll answer them as best as I can.

Ryan, Protein Empire, Hodgson.

P.S. nothing to see here but thanks for checking.

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