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So I want to share with you our favorite quote which we use daily when we talk to clients. And it is a lot more simple than you think it is.

We get it.

Because that’s 100% the truth, we completely get it.

We understand that your whole life can’t revolve around your health and fitness goals.

We understand that family gets in the way, we understand social occasions get in the way, we understand that ultimately you can’t just drop everything in order to try and work towards losing weight.

Being parents and business owners we cant always revolve our life around training and diet either, and we are Coaches, so how can we expect you, or anyone else to do it?

That’s why we focus so much on lifestyle to make sure things are sustainable for you and specifically for you. We adapt things slightly based on you, and will ultimately make sure everything is working around you and specifically you.

Because there’s no point in you trying to do something because it’s worked for someone else if it’s not going to work for you.

That’s what we want you to bear in mind.

You can apply to come in our program if you go to

And if we think you’re a good fit we would LOVE to help you work on our 4 key areas to sustianable weight loss…





^^you need all 4 to make the progress or results sustainable, so if you’re going to apply make sure you fill out the questions in as much detail as possible so that we can make sure you’re a good fit for our program.

Look forward to speaking soon.

Ryan ‘We get it’ Hodgson


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