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Short one today
I’ll cut to the chase….
here’s the email that quite a few of you
have been waiting for.
the coaching thingy, I been harping on about and
how it will provide you with the 3 most important
things to sustainable weight loss…
^^^and I’ll be providing these 3 to the 8 people
that get on the Beta program.
Now if you already personal train you don’t need this
because you’ll already be getting most of this this, BUT
if you don’t PT and need a kick up the behind, to hold
you accountable so you get the best results here’s
more details..
Please don’t bombard me with 101 questions today about this
because it’ll probably sell out the 8 spaces, if it doesn’t ill get
back to them all in due course.
Till tomorrow
Ryan ‘coaching’ Hodgson
P.S. Here’s that link again for the coaching program.


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