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Yerp I like to put numbers to everything and when I try to
rationalise things I usually end up with 80-20
usually one thing is more important than
another like…
Results come from…

80% diet- 20% training

80% good foods – 20% fun treaty foods πŸ˜‰

80% resistance training 20% cardio

But another one is about the actual results, because nearly

every person that comes to see me about our programs
describes physical, visible changes they have in mind,
^^^ trust me, I get it- I’m all about us tryna look better….

Even though I do think they are just 20% of the results…

In fact maybe less and being aware that results don’t have to
be visible,

Far from it…

Improve your diet and train well and you’ll notice much more than

physical changes…

You’ll have more energy within a week,

You’ll sleep better

Your digestion will start being more efficient

Your hormones will be more balanced (which is really importan

with weight loss)

Your skin complexion will improve

You’ll feel more confident (even if the physical results don’t change)

Increase metabolism
Less chance of getting certain illnesses too such as CHD,
type 2 diabetes

All of this makes the shape change seem much smaller than

it started don’t ya reckon?
Anyways on that note

Have a gooden- my last real weekend of cheat meals till I compete

I’ll try resist the ben and jerry’s

Ryan ’80~20′ hodgson

P.S. nothin to see here, busy day now :D:D


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