Are You Falling For This?

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Good morning,
A little long today but please bear with
me i really think this can help….
Are you falling for the clean eating trap?

So I’ve had the idea to right this blog/post

email whatever you want to call it for some time
now, but I decided to stop thinking about it,
and just do it.
So where do start, well firstly from my experience
when someone goes to see someone for advice
on their nutrition, there is usually one of a few
reasons for it-

1- they’re looking to either lose or gain weight.

2- they’re looking to improve their performance in something

3- they’re suffering symptoms (that aren’t linked to number 1)

If you’re listening to the gurus and reading this but fall

under 2 or 3 please save yourself some time and see
someone who is better at the performance or symptoms
side of things.

I use nutrition with my clients to help them become the

best version of themselves and for a majority of them
they feel-
Weight loss is the goal.

They’re just like you, they’ve listened to all the gurus telling

them to eat avocados, kale and broccoli, avoid any food
that they remotely enjoy-

No take always,

No booze,

No sweets

No chocolate

Certainly no fizzy drinks

You know the ones that tell you if you crave something

sweet to ‘just have a small cube of dark chocolate’

Now I dunno about them, or you, but if I crave something

sweet, I want a bag of Haribo tang fastics or a snickers

Not a mesely measly cube of dark chocolate.

BUT I get it I used to be just like them, I thought you

have to ‘eat clean’ to lose weight, and keep it off-


I realised that there HAS to be a reason why people
keep losing weight and putting it back by using the
clean eating method-

I mean let’s face if,

If you lose weight then put it back on, you didn’t

really achieve a great deal.

The reason it doesn’t work in short-

Because depriving themselves doesn’t really teach

them how to balance their own diet where they
don’t need to avoid all of the above and live off
rabbit food (we’ll sort of) going out for meals
ordering water and a salad with no dressing
whilst their family tucks into a pizza.

And not only that the unhealthy relationship gets

passed down to children too, afraid to enjoy f
ood because they might get fat- it’s not fair on
you, it’s not fair in them.


I decided to invest my time, money and energy into
educating myself a little further with nutrition.

That’s what lead to become aware of a few

things that really, being honest are common
sense just not common practice-
1- a calorie is a calorie, if your calorie maintenance
is 2100kcals a day, and you eat 2500kcals a day
you WILL put on weight whether that food is from,
‘bro foods’ like avocados, kale etc and that kind of
stuff the clean eating gurus tell you to eat, or from
foods deemed less healthy and the gurus tell you
to ‘avoid at all costs’ such a chocolates, sweets,
fry ups and anything else you can think of.

That said of course there’s better nutritional

value from the ‘bro foods’,

However from a weight loss perspective a

calorie is a calorie.
There’s no point having more nutritional value and
eating too much- you’ll put on weight, FACT you
cannot sugar coat it, (see what i did there)
or avoid the fact if you
consume too many calories it WILL result in
weight gain.

Just like a carbohydrate is a carbohydrate and

1gram of carbohydrate contains 4kcals whether
it’s from a banana, whole grain pasta or even
can of Coke.
Again of course from fruit there will be more
nutritional value, and yes the pasta will have
less of an affect on blood sugars, however a
calorie is still a calorie.

And last time I checked, more people are dying

from obesity related issues than they are vitamin
and mineral deficiencies.

So my message to anyone reading this, if you

are confused about everything food wise,
which would be completely understandable
with the way things are out there-
Don’t complicate it

Don’t make a mountain out of mole hill

Don’t ignore common sense

Don’t ignore the obvious

It’s like we do it with our children, we get them to eat

a balanced diet and enjoy bits of the ‘not so healthy’
stuff. (I remember when I was a kid, if I didn’t get a
cheeky penguin in my packed lunch I was gutted,
sulking all day).

Eat plenty of varied foods, and your calories right

for you and you can’t go wrong.

Of course if you enjoy munching on a meal of

lettuce, avocado and kale etc do it by all means
fill ya boots.
But if you enjoy a meal of pizza washed down
with an ice cold glass of bubbles do it-
All in balance.

Now don’t get me wrong I would of course

prefer that myself and everyone enjoyed the
‘clean’ foods and would enjoy getting all their
calories from them day in day out however I know
this is rarely the case.

I’ll say it once more time, if you eat too much you

will gain weight no matter what type of food.

Food should always be enjoyed first and

foremost not endured.
Ryan ‘loves food’ Hodgson

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