Are you holding yourself accountable?

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I want you to answer the question in the subject line.
Are you holding yourself accountable?
The reason i ask is because i often hear people saying they need someone to hold them accountable to work towards their goals.
Which is can certainly help, however being totally honest the only person that can truly hold you accountable is YOU.
Because we need to all hold ourself accountable, even when we have someone there to help with that.
Like here’s an example, we are posting in our secret members only group 7 days a week which holds clients as a reminder to hold themselves accountable.
Then on a Monday we ask them to commit to 3 things, that they will do that week, and then we check in on them to increase their commitment and check they’re holding themselves accountable.
AND you can actually join us for under £2 a day on and get the support and help you need to get the results you desire, like the
Weight loss
Increased energy levels
Shape change
Increased confidence
Without living on a really low calorie diet and rabbit food.
We work on education not deprivation.
Ryan ‘accountable’ Hodgson
P.S. We would love to have you join our community and when you do you get over £2,000 worth of resources to help you on your journey from day 1.

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