are you lying?

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^^^that’s a serious question BTW?
See I’m asking you to dig deep this Monday morning
and I prolly will most of the week..
I want you to ask yourself are you honest to yourself and
those around you about (well everything, but that’s none
of my business)…
so for me about your health and fitness goals (you can do
this on other areas of you life too)
Are you honest about….
How committed you are?
How much you want progress?
What you really eat?
If you can fit enough exercise in?
Do you really have to drink or eat crap?
Reason I ask is I’ve been one of these people that lies
about all of the above.
Telling people I eat healthy, then piggin out on a bacon and
egg roll, chocolate, cakes, junk..
^^^did that every day for months last year. In the past I’ve
even been to see a dietician to help with my diet and lied to
her- what was the point in that, I’ll never know.
Was telling people I was committed to my goals, but decided
to stay in bed an extra hour rather than train, spent time emailing
rather than training.
I’d say that borin people didn’t drink or chose something healthy
when out, to try and justify the simple fact that I didn’t have the
commitment or ill power to say….
I want to change my shape and that doesn’t help me.
It ok to lie, as long as you’re fooling yourself that they’re true.
because the liklihood is the only person believing the lies is ourselves.
I got this shock of reality when I went away last year and started
being 100% honest with myself and its changed the game for me.
More motivated,
Better shape,
More energy,
Less Stressed
Just because I stopped trying to kid myself,
Think about it, no replies necessary.
Ryan ‘being honest’ Hodgson
P.S. if this email makes you uncomfortable you have 2 choices,
1 unsubscribe and keep living a lie, or 2 ask yourself why.

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