are you tired?

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i wanted to touch on something with you today,
Because i know from experience when we feel tired the first thing we do is thing about the physical way to rest and try to….
Put our feet up
watch TV
Bed earlier
Rest from training
BUT its often overlooked that you could be mentally and emotionally tired, not giving your mind a rest, yes that’s right, even watching tv or going to bed may not rest your mind in the right way..
And if you mind needs it, no amount of putting your feet up no amount of sleep will help you mentally recoup.
That’s why we are HUGE on giving you a mental break as often as you can, ideally each day even if its just for a few minutes.
Try this
NO technology,
NO noise
just sit relax and clear your mind.
Some meditate, i struggle with that so i will write, i journal, everything that’s in my head until it’s clear.
And then get back on my day with
more energy
more focus
more commitment
and i’m actually happier too.
Give it a go.
Are you constantly tired?
If so let me know
I’d like to try and help.
Ryan ‘not tired’ Hodgson
P.S. Nothing to see here but thanks for checking.

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