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so we have had a hectic few weeks with visitors, my dad and his other half, then Elly’s parents then my mum went back yesterday.
And its been great to see them but at the same time its good to get back to normal after a while if you know what i mean?
And the reason i’m sharing this with you today is because we have like piles and piles of washing to catch up on need to clean the house top to bottom and boxes of toys everywhere that the monkey got for her birthday but we aren’t stressing about it and here’s why….
We knew that it was going to be a hectic few weeks which would throw us out so we made the decision to make sure that we stuck to the diet, and stuck to the training and of course our work side of things.
The house work can wait.
And we made that conscious decision and guess what….
And im pretty sure within the next few days the house will be back to normal and we didnt slip on our goals.
And i wanted to share this mainly so that you can see that we are human too, and from time to time we have to make decisions and tidiness for us is less important than us all being fed and training etc.
Have a good day
Ryan ‘going to tidy’ Hodgson
P.S. Did you know, Elly and love cleaning up the mess we didnt make, so we became parents 😉

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