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The only thing that really matters is…..
Right now-
not tomorrow and
not yesterday,
it’s right here and right now…
I know I’ve been very guilty of living in the
past, and sometimes worrying too much
about the future that I’ve missed the today.
and I see it time and time again in the weight
loss world, where we wait,
and wait,
and wait….
all the time the weight loss journey gets tougher and
tougher, more and more daunting, all because we
didn’t take action on a day like today, (tis as good
as any right?)
We all have choices to make – but ultimately the
choices are..
Be a prisoner of your past, which I will add got
you EXACTLY where you are right now,
or become an architect of your future and build
it how you want it.
The past becomes irrelevant and you can build a whole
new lifestyle on who you chose to be- and that doesn’t
mean changing into someone who like eat sleeps and
lives health and fitness,
it may just mean someone who doesn’t use the excuses
that you, and most of us are guilty of using.
Think about it, become an architect…
shape your own future (and body)
Ryan ‘living in the present’ Hodgson
P.S. nothing important to see here, I may be off the radar the
next couple of days so bare with me.

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