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Do you want to get fitter?

What does being fit actually mean to you?

Because everyone has their own definition of

what being fit is, and has their own idea of

what being fit to them would mean, and I get it.

Look at it this way, get me playing football, i’d die,

get a footballer through a weights session with me

they’d die…

But both would argue we are fit 😉

Because we’re all unique, we have our own goals,

and we have our own idea of fitness, and I love that.

But there’s something I want you to think about, and

I’m not sure if you bear it in mind or not normally.

However, when you think about fitness,

do you just think about physical fitness?

Because I have to confess, up until about a year ago

when Elly and I set up Hodgson Fitness,

I only really thought about being physically fit,

for both myself and my clients.  I

t was just about being fit, perhaps being lighter,

being able to run more, lift heavier weights, etc,

and measuring fitness on that.

However, in the last 12 months or so, through going on

various mindset courses and seminars, and listening to

more and more clients that are struggling with their goals,

I recognise that there’s an increased importance to become

emotionally fit.  If you’re not emotionally fit, you’re always

going to struggle to get physically fit because our emotions

are always going to lead our body.

And that’s something that I really want you to think about today

and take home, are you a thinking about being emotionally fit?

Because I want you to become emotionally fit before you think

about becoming physically fit.  Perhaps you are somebody who

beats yourself up, day in, day out, about your body shape.

Perhaps you’re somebody who struggles a bit on self confidence

and doesn’t allow yourself to go into situations to try and move

forward because you’re so stressed out about the thought of it,

and when you stress you perhaps binge eat or go off in the

wrong direction.

We need to focus on that before we can start to see significant

change in physical fitness too.

Elly and I would always say mindset is the most important aspect,

and that’s something that we really stand by and we’ve noticed

ourselves since we’ve adapted our own mindset.

We’re doing daily work to condition our brain, and that’s

something that we do working with all of our clients on all

three of our programs, sometimes without them knowing 😉

Just think about becoming emotionally fit.

Ryan ‘being fit’ Hodgson

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