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Ok so during our time in the industry we have seen many people come to us for help with their weight loss.

And as Elly and i have never been a cheaper or quick option, they’ve usually tried a few things before hand and they didn’t work for whatever reason, and one that always crops up is the Cambridge diet….

In fact we even recently had a Cambridge diet “consultant” (i call them pyramid seller) come to us for help as she couldn’t shift the weight any other way, but that’s one for another day!

Now firstly, I am not one to completely knock anyone for trying these things because i get it, they promise results, they really do, however I am all about people trying them with an open mind…

And lets face it if you read my blogs, my posts or email you must value my opinion, which I have put at the P.S. but don’t disregard the main point of this post as i prefer to deal with facts rather than opinions.

So I should say it will 100% help pretty much anyone struggling with their weight to lose weight, and that reason…

It involves a calorie deficit, however that calorie deficit is often much bigger than I would ever suggest you try.

i mean anything that swaps REAL FOOD for pills and/or shakes shouldn’t be started without going in with your eyes wide i mean very wide open.

  • Lets start with the side affects that include….
    Bad breath
    Hair Thinning
    Hair Loss
    Extreme Fatigue

And much more..

But for me the worst thing about it all is that medical experts feel it is not a healthy or safe method for losing weight,

Now that tells me that anyone with children surely wouldn’t want their kids to do it right??

Please tell me i’m right on this assumption?

Surely that means they wouldn’t do it themselves when they have kids? I mean can you be the best parent when you’re feeling…

Tired, Dizzy, suffering with insomnia?

let alone the example it sets to children.

That doesn’t even mention the hormonal damage done particularly for women, periods stopping, feeling moody ad much more from being malnourished..

So my message is simple, if something sounds too good to be true it usually us, yes you can lose weight doing things like the Cambridge diet, however, the side affect alone should tell you that it’s not a healthy or safe way to do things, never mind the medical industries thoughts on it or the fact that the sellers of these often have very little in the way of credible qualifications.

If you have to lose weight fast, there are better safer ways than wasting your money on these types of programmes…

I get that sometimes people have seriously unhealthy relationships with foods and these may feel like they work, but my answer would always be to get counselling for it if a conventional coach cannot help you, and not fall victim to these pyramid selling schemes.

If you need any help or just someone to talk to I always leave my inbox open and allocate 30 minutes each day to respond to questions to help non-clients so please ask away

I’m afraid to tell you if something looks too good it usually is and there really is NO substitute for eating a healthy balanced diet and being more active. Like we try to teach our children to do.

P.S. As promised i would give my opinion and it is that anything that promotes cutting the calories this low should only ever be suggested by medical professionals in extreme circumstances and NOT a pyramid seller. They’re dangerous and send out the complete wrong message to our children about weight loss and health in general.

I hear people say about their poor relationships with food that this is an option but quite frankly that is rubbish and if someone who cannot follow healthy eating and being active perhaps having some form on counselling could help them but NOT starving them.

STEER CLEAR, get a coach who cares about your health and not lining their pocket, you’ll be glad of it in the long run.

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