Day Five


Day 5 of Bloggy McBlog Face

So I go to a fab choir on a Monday evening called Make Noise. I brought my fab journal and my kindle only my kindle was my iPad 🙄 as I go early so thought I’d spend half hour before we start to read some more of my Hodgson 📖– alas it was not to be

However it’s good to have some reflection-not in a mirror though as I’m a bit of a vampire – can’t bear to look at myself in one of those evil shiny things.

So almost one week in and I haven’t floundered – normally I would treat myself to something chocolate covered or squashies – did I say I love squashies!!

A thought occurred to me today – is that classed as exercise ? How many calories per thought ? So back to my thoughts – there are so many treatments for addictions ..alcohol drugs – difficult to abstain completely from something we all need to live. Celebrations are always centred around food sweet stuff alcohol – calorie laden evilness – all the stuff that makes us fat fat fat – anyway another day another tick in the box- no squashies have passed my lips – all within the calories next week the focus is getting the right ingredients in my macaroon pie – yes who would have thought it’s all about the pies !!!

Fanks for listening …



😇Improved moods 🌜Sleeping better 💃Increased movement💊Reduced pain📷Shape change🏃More energy😀Happier