Day Four


so today has been difficult for a number of reasons but I’m proud today I haven’t succumbed to the Cookie Monster 🍪

So what has today brought that has been difficult to deal with ? People, fridges, delicatessens, bakers, chocolate screaming my name – adverts on television – everything and everyone trying their hardest to get me to eat tasty treats and stay fat and unhealthy.

I’ve always had an unhealthy relationship with food – my earliest memory as a child was getting stung by a 🐝 and crying – my mother took out the sting put cream on my hand and gave me a lollipop 🍭 to make ‘me feel better’ and so the madness began.

I’ve went to bed early to avoid food I’ve got up early to eat food I’ve woke up during the night to eat food ….I’ve been slim I’ve been ‘normal’ whatever that is I’ve been and am fat obese bouncy castle whatever you want to call it

One thing I can tell you is and it’s now how I live my life …. one size does not fit all !!

Tomorrow is a new day and another day to tick the boxes in my journey of caterpillar to butterfly or podgelike to hodgelike as I now call it 🐽2👙

Fanks for listening




😇Improved moods 🌜Sleeping better 💃Increased movement💊Reduced pain📷Shape change🏃More energy😀Happier