Day one


 Day One in the Getting Healthier Household. 

I am going to live each day at a time, if I think about how long my journey is going to be I will find it difficult to retain my motivation. 

So, I’m going to focus on now and my lighter healthier outlook 

What changed from yesterday to today? 

Well yesterday by lunchtime I had eaten 2 pastries and 2 buns, chocolate and had the bare faced cheek to order a skinny latte with a shot of caramel – same old same old … mindset what can I eat next – what can I eat to make me feel better to comfort me – and the answer is … drumroll please – 

nothing that is full of saturated fat or coated in full of butter chocolate or sugar will make you feel better…. 

time to stop making excuses – I am no longer on steroids I can walk I can move so Hellen get off your fat backside and do this and stop making excuses …. 

so I contacted Ryan via LinkedIn and here I am 

Today what was different? 

I ate all the healthy stuff I usually eat without the sugar laden snacks Instead of moaning about my back pain I walked 50 lengths of the swimming pool and no excuses about not having time – it was the most enjoyable 30 minutes of the day 

My Fitbit is on charge – I used to be a gym junkie – bring on Day 2 Thanks for listening to my ramblings I weighed myself today I braved the scales – almost 18 stone – I promise myself and everyone else I will never weigh this much again. Oink Oink 

I am very competitive, and I am proud to say I am going to be a big loser 

Fanks for listening….. 


 😇Improved moods 🌜Sleeping better 💃Increased movement💊Reduced pain📷Shape change🏃More energy😀Happier