day Three


 From Podge to Hodge’ 

 Well I have managed another day within the calorie counting…. Macros… mmm is that short for macaroons…. Ooh I do like those tasty little buggers. Macros I need to get my head around. Eat more protein eat less tasty carby fings….and avoid the fats all the chocolatey buttery fings that should be called cellulite because that’s what they bring to my legs and life. 

Today it was absolutely lashing it down and I thought shall I go for a walk through the water in the swimming pool. I have a back injury so walking through the water is really good for me and I feel this movement is better than raising my hand in and out of the crisp packet to my lips nomonomnom. Well Ryan tells me it’s better for me but it’s debatable. Anyway!! I decided to walk the dog instead because he needs walked and it clears my head and he loves it and I love him so there you are. Off I set in the pouring rain, dog looking at me like I am demented. We won’t drown I say …. Jeez!! Raining so hard and wind blowing us everywhere.


So, I tell myself that because I am finding it difficult to stay up, doesn’t help with an adult Weimaraner dog stuck to my leg…. Hey weebles wobble but they don’t fall down !!! this standing my ground is strengthening my core and is adding steps to the Fitbit fing that I am now totally obsessed with…. More than 7000 steps today about 6500 more than I did in any day last week. In fact, I probably never walked 7000 steps in the whole of last week – although those constant trips to the fridge do add up!!! 

So, I have eaten good (better than last week that’s for sure!) and moved more and drank lots of water and I actually feel I like myself a bit better. I slept last night, properly, never woke during night, that’s not happened for a long time. My stomach probably managing to sleep instead of digesting the scooby doo picnic I have before I go to bed! 

And here we are again …. It’s the weekend… where everyone relaxes a bit, eats a bit more, drinks a bit more, smiles a bit more…..Well not me oh no sireee there is no one two skip a few routine with me. There will be none of that let’s cram all the calories into two days and eat lettuce leaves from Monday onwards. That was last week… although I got the binge stuff no problem, in fact I excelled at that!! I never did manage to do the starvation thing… No time off at weekend for good behaviour!!! Hope you all have a fab weekend 

Fanks for listening…………. 


 😇Improved moods 🌜Sleeping better 💃Increased movement💊Reduced pain📷Shape change🏃More energy😀Happier