Day Two


 So, I was on this healthy eating. Better choices, move more, Hodgson Health thing all day yesterday and today and I am feeling a bit meh. 

Previously I would have reached for the chocolate and pastries, wine gums, squashies (I love squashies… they are soooo squashy and full of crap and sugar! ) 

No one ever got fat on lettuce let’s be honest. So, if the ‘you are what you eat’ is true I should have been Willie Wonka…. 

Anyway, I have tried every diet there is. 

Skinny coffee… rubbish. 

Weightwatchers or Slimming world or similar… 

patronising fat Brenda telling the world how amazing those who lost weight are – let’s all clap our long slender fingers for them …. 

and how horrific those who have stayed the same or god forbid put on half a pound – YOU SHALL BURN IN HELL!!! Clap your big fat sausage fingered hands for those wasters. 

However, if you eat all weight watchers’ products for a week you are guaranteed to lose at least 3 stones a day!! No but seriously!! Try it – buy their scales that are 3x price of normal scales because they show how committed you are … the only thing you will lose is ££££s. 

It’s a diet not a lifestyle. You will be hungry. You will think about food constantly for all the wrong reasons. You will be miserable and on the night of weigh in you will leave your meeting and go have a fish supper, double decker and bottle of wine and start fresh the next day…… Save me now! 

So, it’s Day Two and I have taken it one day at a time. I have eaten healthier and drank so much water. I may look little Ariel tomorrow…. 

I walked the dog, I walked through water and tomorrow is Day Three. Bring it on I will lose this weight I will feel better and be fitter and healthier and I will not succumb to the media nonsense spouted from Fat Botoxed Brenda…….. 

Fanks for listening…… 

 😇Improved moods 🌜Sleeping better 💃Increased movement💊Reduced pain📷Shape change🏃More energy😀Happier