choice over obligation

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Read that subject line again.

That’s right, I want you to read it again and understand that when you work towards your goals you should also be working through choice over obligation.

And by that, I mean you want to be working for your goals because you want to rather than feeling obliged to, because I always count a number of women that I’ve worked with wanting to lose weight or toning up for somebody else.

And I have to be honest, those women never really achieve their goals and maintain them because they’re not doing it for themselves.

Sounds pretty obvious, but honestly you wouldn’t believe how many do it, perhaps you do?

So, today I’m urging you to be selfish, put you first, and work towards your goals for you.

Work towards goals that you choose and that are important to you, and I guarantee you you will achieve them.

You will achieve them in the right manner.

You will achieve them in a sustainable, and what’s more

It will not feel like a chore.

Have a good day.

Ryan Choice-Over-Obligation Hodgson

P.S. Nothing to see here i gotta go now.. 😀

Smile, please haha

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