(cravings) The breakfast of champions

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I’ve practically given up trying to help my mum with her diet!!


Even though I’ve spent most of my adult life studying this stuff, my mum knows best!

For as long as I can remember her breakfast consisted of a low fat yogurt and a cup of coffee.

Or special K cereal or those cereal bars.

The low fat myth has obviously been in full swing for the last 40 odd years!

Which coincides with the massive rise in obesity anyways….

The last 100 odd years has seen the rise in breakfast cereals in the UK, where the cardboard box they come in has higher nutritional value than its contents.

Thing is our grand-parents probably had a better handle on breakfast.

Eggs, bacon and toast

Notice not a cereal in sight!

Instead lots of protein and fat…

Now because fat has been portrayed as the evil for our whole life, most people will instantly switch off.

Thing is fat in our diets are essential for transporting essential vitamins and minerals around our body.

Without it we are starved, quite literally, of nutrients.

And in that state we end up craving foods for the rest of the day.

(again its all about balance)

That good old quote of ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’

What can i say but,….SPOT ON.

But it’s important you get it right.

STEP 3: The Perfect Breakfast
(seriously if you can…)

My recommendations for a FAST and easy breakfast is…

scrambled eggs made with some butter and coconut oil, served with some smoked salmon.

It’s rich, creamy and will keep you feeling more than full through to lunch time.

I’d have this 7 days a week if i had time,…

along with my special morning routine of two very important nutritional supplements, which are:

1 scoop of Lean Greens packed full of nutrients
3 softgel capsules of Good Fats Formula

Both designed to add more vits and minerals and more good fats.

We’ll talk more about these later… but for now, get the breakfast right.

Ryan ‘scrambled eggs’ Hodgson

P.S. Do you skip breakfast? Talk to me…

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