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Every single thing that we do, #
each and every day, is forming
our future.

The decisions we make will form
what we become.

So if we’re making decisions are perhaps
leading the most unhealthy lifestyles,
guess what’s going to happen?

We are going to become fatter.

We are going to become less confident.

We are going to be less fit.

And ultimately, we are going to put our health at risk.

And I see this time and time again because
there is very little luck to do with it.

Genetics has very little to do with whether
we stay in shape or not to.

What leads us to get in good or bad shape
is the lifestyle we lead.

So if you’re somebody that’s constantly
battling with your weight, perhaps you’ve
tried diet and exercise programs.

That’s already half the battle.

Diet and exercise programs don’t work.

Bear with me on this…..

What really works is adapting your lifestyle.

You have to adapt the whole lifestyle in order
to make it healthy, fit lifestyle.

Once you have that, you’re never going to put
weight on, and you’ll probably maintain a healthy,
steady weight because your lifestyle governs that.

You’ll also find you’ll have a healthier relationship
with diet and exercise too because you won’t be
putting your body through the trenches just to
make yourself lose weight and then wondering
why it doesn’t stay off when you take your foot
off the gas.

So start thinking lifestyle.

Forget about diet and exercise regimes.

And I guarantee you you’ll create your own
future and it’ll be a good one at that.

That’s it for today-

Ryan ‘creating a future I want’ Hodgson

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