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did i ever tell you that Elly and I got our own branded app on the app store?
Where you can get 100s of workouts with videos and tutorials by Elly and I, as well as a place to log and track all your progress and plan your week out.
Well previously this app was only for those on the more personalised programmes, UNTIL NOW
We have now been able to offer it on all our programmes so if you join our Alpha programme for less than £2 a day you get access to the Hodgson Health app with 100s of workouts for both home and gym based that always being added to.
Its like having a PT sessions every time you go to the gym except you don’t need to hope the trainer is there and on time etc.
all on your own terms.
And you also gain access too our community too so you never feel alone.
nutrition coaching too (not diets, we don’t like diets here)
Oh and over £2,000s worth of resources in our membership site, all at your disposal too.
and one last thing- we do weekly live web classes where we cover topics to help busy women become the best version of themselves.
we have tried to cover every angle to help you become the best version of yourself without sacrificing things that are important to you.
Want to join? You’d be mad not to, click the link below to join and get started today
Ryan ‘added the app’ Hodgson
P.S. nothing to see but thanks for checking.

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