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Love yourself that is?
Now, most will say no to this and i have to admit it frustrates and upsets me at the same time, when people cannot love and value themselves.
Because we need to accept and love ourselves in order for us to truly be happy.
now its not being in a big headed or self obsessed way, but simply learning to love you for who you are will make you achieve the physical and mental goals that you have.
Let me explain-
If you hate yourself and don’t love yourself, and want to lose weight, the chances are you’ll do it the wrong way, Starve yourself, quick fixes and excessive exercise.
^^do it that way, you will never be happy honestly, i know this from the 100s of women ive spoken in depth with about this.
Where as do it from a position self love you will nourish your body with healthy foods and give it some exercise.

The physical result could be the similar, however the psychological result couldn’t be more different.

Thats all i got today, ponder that 😉
Ryan ‘self love’ Hodgson
P.S. Nothing to see but thanks for checking.

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