Do you Eat Enough

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A quick one today about food, yes Elly and i
love talking nutrition and we find it’s something
many of our clients are confused about when
they join us-

Eggs are bad for you
Meat is bad for you
Bread is bad for you
Dairy is bad for you…

And much more, however reality is they’re not bad
for you provided they’re part of a healthy balanced diet,

In fact we find many people we work with aren’t eating
enough day to day when they focus on their weight loss
goals, and this affects a number of things including……

Energy levels
Hormones and much more.

so we calculate all our clients nutritional goals when they
first start and often the response-

‘That sounds like too much’

Then when they give it a chance they notice how much better
they feel-

Energy up
Sleep improved
Moods improved

All within a few weeks, in fact when we calculate clients
nutritional goals, they’re usually between 1600-1900Kcals
a day (very generally speaking)

Just something to think about because if you’re not eating
enough your body wont perform as well as it could
in many areas.

If Nutrition is something you’ve struggled with then
hit reply and let me know about your nutrition struggles
and I’ll see if I can help.

Ryan ‘eats enough’ Hodgson

2 Comments on “Do you Eat Enough”

  1. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hodgson’s,

    Because of being in a bus accident in May 2003 and suffering from degenerative disc disease, spinal cord surgery (march 2004), sciatica nerve damage, herniated discs below surgical area and in pelvis, Fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, patella syndrome both knees, carpal tunnel syndrome both hands, right carpal tunnel release surgery (January 2004), severe anxiety, glaucoma left eye, right hip problem, right knee problem different from patella problem and dry eye. I was paralyzed, but no longer. I was in aquatic therapy and physical therapy for over 10 years. I still can’t run but I can walk, but not far without nerve pain and my back stiffening. All these problems since the accident. My first time back in the gym will be later this month. Any thoughts? I did purchase a back brace and will put the weightlifting belt over top for more support. I will wear compression sleeves for my knees.

    Mike Thompson

    1. Hi Michael,

      thanks for the message, it sounds like you’ve been on one tough journey but it’s great to see that you’re aiming to get back in the gym, are you under any physio instructions? We aren’t specialists in terms of injuries particularly as complex as what you’ve been through so we would suggest taking things very slowly and perhaps seeing a specialist for a few sessions in the gym. If you would like us to connect you please feel free to email we can connect you with someone who can advise you better.If you were our client we would focus more on the nutrition and lifestyle side of things 😀

      Hope this helps

      Ryan and Elly

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