dont bury your head in the sand

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Aimee Wilson
ok so yesterdays email sent a few triggers of
emotion welling up from people that like me,
can be guilty of lying to themselves…
Most of them took my advice and either
unsubscribed or are gonna take action…
a few however gave me a laugh and told me that
I didn’t know what I was talking about and that they
in fact
*Don’t have time to train
*Feel it important to drink when they’re out
*Shouldn’t have to order healthy food when out
^^^and trust me a part from the first one I’d agree with
them, but burying you head in the sand wont help…
In fact it’ll make it worse, the same cycle will keep goin
around until you take your head out the sand,
a year or two later and realise…
you’ve put on weight,
your clothes don’t fit you,
you confidence hits rock bottom and then…
the challenge to get healthier and lose weight becomes
even more daunting,
fear of being laughed at,
Lost, fed up, constantly tired and too worried to go to
a gym full of “fit” people
confusion of what to do
but it doesn’t have to be like that, if you resist the urge to
bury you head…
Take a step back and say-
“I wanna make some conscious changes to my
health and fitness”
And im going to………… (fill the gap)
then tell someone to hold you accountable,
if you are healthy 80% of the time you 100% CAN have a drink
on the weekend (just not 1,000s of kcals worth),
you can order a “less healthy” option when eating out
You can fit in the clothes you previously couldn’t
You can feel better about yourself
Give it a go, 80-20, and stop burying your head in
the sand.
Ryan ‘living the lifestyle’ Hodgson
P.S. As per yesterdays email,

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