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me first
Do you put everyone else before you?

The question I’m asking because I see it time and time again from women who unfortunately really are unconfident, tired, fed up, frustrated, overweight and ultimately hating themselves right now because they put everyone else before them and often forget themselves.

But, guess what happens?

There’s a bigger chain of events that goes on.

Their children see them doing this.

Their children see them putting everybody else before themselves.

Their children see them feeling really unconfident.

Their children see them failing to invest in themselves.

Their children see them gaining weight month in, month out and ultimately getting more and more depressed about it.

But, the biggest thing of all, their children see them neglecting themselves and their bodies.

Guess what children do when they see their parents doing something?

They do the exact same thing.

It’s a vicious cycle that we pass on to our children and if it’s not a positive one, we really need to change.

We need to make peace to ourselves and the way we treat ourselves how we want our children to treat themselves when they grow older so that our children can learn in the best possible way.

Since I’ve become a parent, I’ve started to realise how much children do learn from their parents and it’s altered the way that I am and behave towards myself and I know it’s done the same for Elly too.

So please, if you’re somebody that does put everyone else before yourself and you have children, for their sake, invest in yourself, put yourself first.

It’s not selfish.

They’re going to benefit in the long-run too.

Ryan ‘setting an example’ Hodgson

P.S. Let me know, what are your struggle wen it comes to losing weight??

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