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please use the email address you signed up with or at lease specify below if they differ.
if unsure but have in ft and inches please use a google converter to convert it :D.
this is what you've been doing before you started not what you intend to do
The more info the better, weight, shape, energy levels, sex life, how you feel, confidence levels everything we want to know your goals.
We want a day in the life of- more info the better 😀
this just helps understand better how to help
we rather commit to the least and build the commitment up than over commit.
no judgement here, we just want to understand your life better
Please be descriptive, what weights etc.
Be detailed with this, build a picture as you write it.
you don't need to show us them but get good pictures front side and back use timer on your phone if you have no one to take them

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