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2 days until we go on holiday :D:D


SO SOOOOO excited-


Literally cannot wait.


Anyways, Elly and i have had a few people

contact us about our programmes in the last

48 hours so here’s what we have decided to do,

for the next 36 hours we have decided to open

our 14 day FREE trial which is for people who

have never been with us before.


So if you want to try us out and get some results

before you financially commit to our programme

you have 36 hours to click the link in the comments

and join us and you will get 14 days FREE access



2 coaches who live and breath it so you never feel alone

BRAND NEW exclusive membership site filled with

everything you need in order to lose weight without

dieting or spending hours a day in the gym.


Personal Training app with workouts for home and

gym based users and a place to track your progress


Nutritional coaching, like we said we don’t do diets so

we will coach you on it so you have the knowledge for it.


Weekly live web classes, yes we will be doing these

when we are away too,.


Anyways so if you’re ready to lose your excuses and

find some results then click the link in the comments.


NOW i should tell you, we do ask for your card details,

this is to show us you’re committed and we don’t charge

anything unless you carry on with us.


We do this to stop us getting all the freebie seekers that

hop from freebie to freebie asking millions of questions

and doing nothing with the programme.


We only want those that are serious about getting results

without giving up their life.

Ryan ‘free trial’ Hodgson

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