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So, I wanted to put this message across today because I feel it’s important that we are really open and you understand that I understand.

Because, I keep getting clients talking to me about their weight loss goals, and why it’s important however.

One thing I have started to notice from delving in a little bit deeper, talking to them, listening to them, and starting to come up with plans of what’s really important to them, I find out there’s two key things that are really important to them, and it’s not really the weight.

What they really want to do is look better —

— and feel better.

And yes, I won’t lie, often when they lose weight, they’ll probably look and feel better anyway.

However, if they were the same weight but looked and felt better they’d be happy.

So that’s why we get our clients to track progress by shape change as well.

Track their progress by your energy levels.

Track their progress by your happiness levels, because if you’re looking and feeling better, does that weight or that number on the scales really matter?

Answers on a postcard, I’d love to know.

In fact, one of our clients, who’s been getting some great results, seeing great shape change last week decided to hop on the scales after a month of not being on them.

And she hadn’t lost a pound. However, her e-mail to me was brilliant.

She explained to me how before in the past that would have really ruined her mood and made her feel like rubbish, but she just remembered how she felt before she stepped on those scales.

She felt better, and she looked better because she’s fitting into smaller clothes, and she’s much firmer.

So, try to focus on more then one thing.

Don’t just focus on the weight, focus on how you feel too.

Ryan ‘how you feel’ Hodgson

Nothing to see join us here before price goes up 😉

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