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clean house

Is spick spelt right? haha

So Elly and I have a pretty mental life, which means that often we can let our house turn into a bit of a tip to say the least.

Just because we feel like we’re so busy, so we have Elly’s mum come in and clean house once a week.

And she has the place absolutely spotless.

It’s safe to say that when she first cleans the slightest little thing in our place merely gets noticed.

However, as the week goes on, things seem to slip more and more off the tidiness scale and into the messy scale. And that’s kind of how it is in the Health and Fitness world…

When you work and the harder you’re working, the more you’re doing, the harder you’re going to have to work or the more you’re going to have to do to sustain it.

So by this we mean, if you’re spending hours a day training and being really really strict with your diet to see any sort of progress, you’re going to have to keep it that way to maintain it once you get the results.

You’re going to have to keep it with the spending hours a day training, being really really strict with your diet. However, do it a little bit more slower, the slower approach, and it will be easier to maintain because you won’t be doing it quite as strictly.

The slightest little things won’t throw you out.

By this we mean if you have your favourite meal, you’re not going to feel like you’ve put on weight, or if you have a day off training, you’re not going to feel like all that weight’s gone back on within a day.

Because it won’t happen.

It’s all a lot more sustainable, a little bit slower but yes,

BUT a lot more sustainable.

Have a good day

Ryan ‘keeping it a lifestyle’ Hodgson

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