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Because I’ve had like a gazillion replies the last day or two asking me…. (i always put stuff on facebook, we can connect there too)

So I placed 6th in the British sunday and I just though you’d all be fed up hearing about it by now haha…

And truth be told sometimes it’s a good thing if those nearest you are almost fed up hearing about your goals.

It means you’re always on about them,

It means they’re important to you

It means you prioritised them

And that is often what it takes to work towards your goals.

You need to have that level of commitment and allow it to become a priority.

No matter how big or how small.

I’ve had 5 big goals this year in January and 3 of them i’ve done so far….

1- sell fit body- WHY- because i wanted to commit 100% to Hodgson Fitness and coach women on a better higher level.

2- publish a book – WHY- because i felt i had a message i wanted to put out there, and I wanted to see if it was possible for someone like me to do it.

3- compete in a british final and deep down I wanted to place- WHY, because its my hobby and i always strive to be the best i can be.

Now those 3 goals all, scared the you know what outta me (if you dont know what, sorry)

But I’ve put them to the front of my mind and worked to them.


And I’ve done it with a family, running 2 businesses, setting up a new one.

Oh and we got another bit of news coming up that Elly and I have been doing…

But you’ll have to wait till next week for that;)

After our holiday I’ll set new goals,Elly has big goals too which she will share soon also, very excited. So if you have a goal….

Share it with me..

Share with those closest you.

Let’s go I want to hear it..

Ryan ‘goal setting’ Hodgson

P.S. No more 2 emails a day for a while 😉

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