But i dont like doing it

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don't like it

Read that subject again…

That’s the type of comment I’ve heard of people more often than not when it comes to working towards their health and fitness goals and ultimately we’re asking them to do something that perhaps they think they don’t like.

For example, trying to increase their protein levels but keep their fats down. Sometimes they’ll need to make slight modifications or adaptations to their diet or the recipes that they use in order to do that.

Or they might feel like they’ve eaten a lot of the same foods.

Which sometimes is the best and easiest way to get in shape, in fact, we are away and have brought our breakfast with us so we know we WILL eat a well balanced, low fat breakfast every day-

Do we enjoy it, well maybe not, but it means will will enjoy being in good shape and still have a few voddys each night guilt free 😉

However, I’m not going to sugar coat it, doing what you like doing has got you where you are right now. So if your not happy with where you are right now you do need to change something.

Whether you like it or not that’s ultimately the truth.

You’ve got where you are doing what you’ve been doing.

So, unless that’s got you to where you want to be or your making progress towards where you want to be you are going to have to make some changes and they possibly are going to be uncomfortable and that might even mean doing a couple of things that you don’t like.

For example, for me I don’t like eating vegetables, however, I do like big portion sizes and I know that if I eat big portion sizes of the types of food I like I’d be the size of a house.

That would be a house that wouldn’t be made of muscle.

So, I have to make sacrifices but I’d rather make those sacrifices then be be in the kind of shape I would be in if I didn’t make them.

That’s what we need to think about today.

Are you prepared to make a few small changes in order to work towards your goals.

If the answer is no, I can’t help you, no one can.

Speak soon,

Ryan ‘its hot here’ Hodgson

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