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You must spend hours training everyday to get into that shape.

That’s the sort of comment that Elly and I hear pretty much on a daily basis because I have to admit, Elly and I do pride ourselves on keeping ourselves in good shape all year round for a number of reasons.

One being, we feel we need to practice what we preach for our clients.

Another, we need to practice what we preach for our Aoife-Mae, but ultimately, for us, it’s all about living our lifestyle.

Now, there’s something you should know.

Neither Elly nor myself spend hours a day training.

In fact, most days, we only spend half an hour to 40 minutes training because —

We don’t have time to spend hours training.

We run a full time coaching business which we pride ourselves on being ‘present’ for our clients on.


I’ve also got a gym and, ultimately, that takes up a lot of our time.

Throw in a hyperactive toddler who’s got stuff on everyday, we wouldn’t have time to spend hours training each day because if we had spent over an hour each, then that’s two or three hours of our day gone, trying to fit training in.

And that’s what we save the most of our time.

In fact, most of our times, we’ll only train 10 to 12 minutes each day, but they still:

**Lose weight.

**Tone up.

**Feel better about themselves.

** Have a healthy relationship with those around them.

**Have a healthy relationship with food.

And that’s what it’s all about.

Fitting things around your lifestyle because we don’t all have hours a day to train.

If you have hours a day to train and you enjoy doing that, that’s absolutely great.

However, if you don’t, let’s just focus on what you can do.

Fit it around your lifestyle rather than trying to fit your lifestyle around your training.

Ryan ‘doesn’t have time’ Hodgson

P.S. People dont get results from the training, they get results from the accountability and support we provide.


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