i dont wanna get too bulky

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^^^^Back to that again^^^^

It’s crazy because I think now it’s more in the media

how women are lifting weights even more now yet
there are still a few (or maybe a bit more than a few)
that are skeptical at the thought of doing weights
through fear of getting too bulky…

The worry they’ll get bulky, and this is something
that frustrates me…

Loads, because it’s very difficult for women to get bulky.

Even for some men too-

You need to have enough of the right hormones to get
“bulky” and less than 100% of women have this…
Unless a doctor has diagnosed it because you’ve gained
excessive weight quickly or dark hair growth in certain places
you probably don’t have that level of hormones.

Because muscle weights more than fat, and burns fat to me it’s
a no brainer to dropping a dress size and keeping at that lower
dress size.

And it’s really as simple as that-

Doing weights will,’tone you up, firm your skin and help your

metabolism speed up,

Besides keep the rest short and the weights heavy you’ll get your
heart and lungs working too.

Have a good day,

Ryan ‘liftin weights’ hodgson

P.S. theres nothing wrong with cardio BTW, just not as good as
weights for SUSTAINABLE shape change


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